Role reversal version of Caillou Prank Calls Bob the Builder.


Bob the builder prank calls caillou

Bob the Builder decides to be naughty and not fix it. So he prank calls Caillou and makes fun of his bald head, lying that Caillou has cancer, presumably in revenge for prank calling him previously. Caillou tells his Daddy and Bob gets told off by Boris. Boris tells Bob the Builder to get off the phone and to prepare for the worst punishment of his life. However, Bob decides to run away.

Bob the Builder seeks help from Wendy and the machines, asking them if they can fix it, but they respond with "no we can't" and refuse to help him for being naughty and not fixing it earlier. However, Bob makes up for this by promising to be good from now on. Bob tells the machines that Boris is chasing after him.

The machines are angry at Bob's plight and vow to "teach Boris a lesson" as per Bob's request. However, they attack Boris instead and beat him senseless, which makes Bob angry as he only asked them to scare him off, not hurt him.